Deadline for applications for international appointees and committees is 10th July! 


02 June 2012 


If you are thinking of applying for any of the open positions advertised in the March IJ, please hurry - applications must be sent to the MIL office by 10th July.

The open roles are :


Editor, International Journal

Events Coordinator

Gifted Youth Committee Member/Chair

Governance Papers Advisory Committee (GPAC)

Inter’l Media Advisory and Creation Committee (IMACC)

Leadership Exchange Ambassador Program (LEAP)

Marketing & Product Advisory Committee (MPAC)

Name and Logo Protection Committee Member/Chair

SIGS Coordinator 

SIGHT Coordinator

The roles are linked on this site at, as is the application form.

Applications for the above posts must be received by 10 July 2012 and must be sent to the International Office ( and the Director of administration (

These positions are open to all members worldwide.


Incumbents should submit application forms with updated information.   


Those who apply for roles, whether appointed or not, will have their interest noted for future reference as there may be other ways in which they can help Mensa International. Some incumbents may not be standing again, so please express your interest by applying.